Sherra(Human version)
market price:

Sherra(Human version)

Name:Sherra(Human version)

Release time:2022/05/13

Resin color in the picture:White

Sales method:Nude doll not limited

Full-set $410


  • Nude doll $269: Sherra-human head(including ears)+B6-02 human body+face mask+12mm random eyes
  • Face-up (including ears and face mask$45
  • Wig:GW6-26, original wig, the look in pictures has been trimmed and styling
  • Outfit $78:C6-32 Including Cloak*1, Chain*1, Skirt*1, Skirt*1, Socks*2, Necklace*1
  • Others: birth certificate, official box, after-sale card

Additional purchase item:

  • Full-set does not include【Body blushing $30

Resin color option:

  • Base skin color: white, pink, normal
  • Special skin color:light tan is translucent resin default, please add $80.Grey skin please add $55.

By different computer display, the pictures and objects will be slightly different, please make the object as the standard.